ROAR on RT: “take away our homes — expect violence”

by Carlos Delclós on July 20, 2012

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ROAR contributor Carlos Delclos appeared on RT to explain why yesterday’s clashes in Madrid are a logical outgrowth of the state’s handling of the crisis.

Appearing on RT for the third time this month, Carlos explains how different social groups in Spain are responding in similar ways to the misery induced by the austerity measures of the Conservative government — and how Prime Minister Rajoy himself is really but a puppet to Brussels and financial interests. RT reports:

Police have used rubber bullets and tear gas to disperse angry protesters thronging the streets of Spain. Dozens of people were injured and a number of activists detained during the latest nationwide anti-austerity demonstrations. In a major show of strength, hundreds of thousands have been taking part in the protests. People marched in 80 cities across the country to protest against more suffocating austerity which is to come. That’s after the German Parliament gave the green light to the 100-billion Euro bailout for the country’s battered banks. The EU’s finance ministers are now expected to approve the conditions for the financial lifeline to Madrid. Carlos Delclos, a sociologist at Pompeu Fabra University, believes the situation in Spain is only going to go from bad to worse.

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Danai Mermiga July 21, 2012 at 01:39

I watched the video and generally browsing through your roar. I like it. What do I do to contribute?

On the video, I would just like to share with you, that in Greece we don’t even have anyone prosecuted, like Carlos is saying at the end about Spain…
We get to have the same guys still running the show and they will burn us down before they go. The Mafia is full angry and hungry and they spread illegal actions in unthinkable amounts (I’m talking a combination of all the US scandals of the last 10 years…) and there is no one there to stop them, because they are everywhere: justice,governance,unions, church,police, banks, media is run by the same people and they are about to cash in, on my homeland.
Help us!Please. And do consider that we are not expected to win this own alone. Because we can’t/It’s your Mafia, too.

Have a beautiful day, D.


Jack inMadrid July 25, 2012 at 21:08

The social impact is enormous! Humongous!
30% of the young people are jobless with noting to look forward to that empty days and lost time missing any perspective in a very bleak future. 50 to 60% live with parents or other family and friends. The list of misery is endless in all age groups, the workers, at one time devoted to their jobs, are facing incredible difficulties and about to loose their home! Spain is heading for a very bad social distortion, disruption and above all endless SUFFERING with a Government so corrupt, incapable to govern the country. The government, letting off tax evaders if they would be please so kind to declare their income and black money, with a weaver to be free of prosecution!

I also want to mention that Spanish people are very kind and patient, so, if they are forced to be on the street to protest, they are psychological in conflict with their culture.
A culture that has suffered so intensely in the years of the Franco regime. Many elderly people are still suffering and have side effects, appearing now, in these hard times were Franco monster is back from the grave to pull the trick box open again!

Reply July 21, 2012 at 06:03

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