Egyptian Winter: what’s left of the revolution?

by Global Uprisings on March 6, 2013

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The latest short documentary in the Global Uprisings series recounts the story of those who struggle against all odds to keep Egypt’s revolution alive.

By Brandon Jourdan and Marianne Maeckelbergh

Two years after the revolution in Egypt began, unrest continues across the country as the political and economic situation worsens. As the current government consolidates its power, the demands of the revolution may seem further away than ever. Still the revolution has opened up new spaces for political action, spurring public debate on issues that have gone unacknowledged and unresolved for too long.

This short documentary looks at some of the reasons motivating revolutionaries to keep taking the streets, the obstacles that they are facing, and the tactics that they are using. It looks into the current economic and political problems facing Egyptians, the growing independent union movement, black bloc tactics, and the response of women to sexual assaults.

Egyptian Winter from brandon jourdan on Vimeo.

Go to for the full series of mini-documentaries about reactions to the economic crisis around the world.

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