Pavlos’ mother to media: “you made them kill my son”

by ROAR Collective on September 22, 2013

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Mother of Pavlos Fyssas tells how her son was murdered by a Golden Dawn assassin and how police are wilfully withholding video evidence of the attack.

Transcript of interview (via Revolution-News):

M: Pavlos’ mother
Female journalist
Male journalist (Kanelakis)

M: Can you hear me?

Jf: Yes we can.

M: Please listen to me. There is an eyewitness of the murder and he took a video of it. But he made the mistake of giving it to the police. But of course he has it. You can see the scene and how it evolved.

Jf: So do you mean the police has this video in their possession Mrs. Fyssa?

M: Yes, there is an eyewitness and he took a video. I don’t know him. He gave it to the police. He says the following: “I’ll start from the beginning. They were watching football. Somebody who frequents the bar said something about someone who might have been a member of Golden Dawn. Don’t know exactly what. Not one of “our” kids.”

Jf: So you say that there is video that covers the crime scene, the murder?

Jm: Yes, not the conversations in the bar but the scene outside?

M: My kid… Well there was my kid, his girlfriend and another four guys. And because he was always in front, he was always protective, this is how he always acted — that’s the kind of son I had — he told them ‘go away and let me delay them so you can leave.’ Our house is not even 100 meters away. They got him in front of his house. But his girlfriend didn’t leave. She ran to the cops, there were in total 12 DIAS riot cops on 6 motorcycles. They were already there. And she pleaded shouting “go there, go there, something bad will happen.”

Jf: And what did they tell her? Why didn’t they go?

M: They told her this: “And are we supposed to go fight these bullies?” And after Pavlos fought three of them — because you cannot imagine what kind of a kid we are talking about, he fought all three, and we all know how violent they are — a car came from the opposite direction, his murderer got out of the car and said: “I will kill you fucker”.

Jm: So they had previous issues?

M: No Mister. My son didn’t know the guy.

Jf: No, we cannot know that. We can’t know where the hate comes from.

M: I am shouting from yesterday. Do not put labels on my son, he was a free mind and nothing else, and if you really want to know who he was listen to his songs. These men were unknown to him. But how unknown can members of Golden Dawn really be? We all know them but we are scared to look at their faces. Pavlos was a brave man and he wasn’t backing off. You are wrong, he didn’t have a previous problem with him. He was a paid murderer. And they told him to do that.

Jm: So he was being targeted and he went directly to your son?

M: I don’t know if… Who is talking now?

Jm: Kanelakis, Madam.

M: Well, listen Kanelakis, who are you?

Jm: I am a journalist.

M: You need to understand something. Are you listening to me?

Jm: Yes I am.

M: And you won’t interrupt with bullshit?

Jm: Madam, I ask because here it says that he was targeted.

Jf: Mister Kanelakis, I ask you to respect the woman’s situation, and the fact that she is on the phone line with us and not here.

Jm: But of course I respect her.

Jf: Your son’s friends, did they tell you if Roupakias (the murderer) was in the bar?

M: No, he was informed. He was informed by someone in the bar. He is a paid murderer. And they informed him to come and kill and it happened that his victim was my son. Why? Because he protected his friends. If he had run off one of his friends would be dead. Because his friends went off to the supermarket to buy beers and go to the house to have their beers.

Jf: OK.

M: Did Kanelakis understand that?

Jf: Madam have you contacted the police?

M: No, I haven’t. What police are you talking about? Are you having fun with me?

Jf: Did they say anything about the video the eyewitness gave them?

M: Again the same things! This was on the news last night. You didn’t listen to it? Why didn’t you? How did we hear it and you did not?

Jf: You told us it was an eyewitness and I’m asking you if it helped the investigation.

M: The eyewitness wanted the cops to tell Pavlo’s father that his son was a brave man. He didn’t get a scratch from the other three. He did not have a single scratch. Only the stab wounds of the killer. Do you understand that? Stop trying to drive us crazy. Stop it.

Jf: We don’t have this intention, Madam.

M: This Kanelakis doesn’t have issues with anyone? Why don’t they come to massacre him, tell him? Or does he think he is pretending to me to be a democrat now? You [the media] are the ones who gave them [Golden Dawn] power. You brought them here. And you made them kill my son. You are all responsible. All of you!

Jf: I speak to you personally, and I want to make it clear that we respect all the things you have said and we do not intend to offend your family. And we respect your pain.

M: You offend with the things you say. What else do you want to listen? For my son people are organizing concerts all over the world! What affairs would my kid of thirty years old have with a 50-year-old murderer? Do you want to know who my son really was? Listen to his songs!

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