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Ending austerity in Greece: time for plan B?

by Jerome Roos on February 26, 2015

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Syriza’s “head-long retreat” in the standoff with its creditors hails the failure of Tsipras’ pro-euro strategy. It’s time to start preparing for Grexit.


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Greece’s leftist government will soon have to confront a critical question: will it accept its creditors’ demands, or will it take unilateral action?


HSBC and the upside-down world of austerity politics

by Jerome Roos on February 12, 2015

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While the wealthy evade billions in taxes, ordinary citizens continue to bear the burden of budget cuts. Meanwhile, those who resist are punished for it.

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In 2011, TIME Magazine selected “the protester” as its person of the year. Perhaps “person of the decade” would have been a more accurate depiction.


Post image for From New York to Greece, we revolt ‘cus we can’t breathe

We can’t breathe faced with this injustice. We can’t breathe because we are seething with rage. We must revolt — for a breath of freedom and justice.


Post image for Could Greece be on the verge of another social explosion?

The hunger strike of an anarchist prisoner and the reaction on the streets are rekindling long-standing conflicts in Greek society going back to 1944.


Post image for The next financial crisis may be just around the corner

As growth stalls, stocks tumble and investors fret, the question is no longer if there will be another crisis, but when and where it will strike first.


Post image for Kurds rise up across Europe to demand action against ISIS

Turkish-Kurdish peace process appears to be on verge of collapse as tensions flare up over Turkish inaction and support for ISIS in the siege of Kobanê.


Post image for If Kobanê falls, the US and Turkey will be to blame

As Kurdish forces put up a heroic fight to save the democratic stronghold of Kobanê, the US-led coalition seems content to let ISIS commit a massacre.


Post image for What happens in Ferguson does not stay in Ferguson

For African Americans, the state of emergency has long been a permanent one. Now, under neoliberalism, it is fast becoming generalized across the globe.