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Post image for Dodging potholes in New Orleans: 10 years after Katrina

While the richer parts of New Orleans have mostly recovered, the Lower Ninth Ward is still in disrepair and has lost more than half of its residents.

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Post image for “We’ll die for this land”: when slum dwellers revolt

South African media often depict poor black protesters as angry and irrational. Supporting their struggle requires challenging this discursive trope.


Post image for Cuban scholars: “US-style democracy not only option”

The opening of US-Cuban relations has been much debated. Here, Avi Chomsky translates the voices of Cuban intellectuals, excluded from Western media.


Finance and the privatization of rural livelihoods

by ROAR Collective on November 1, 2014

Post image for Finance and the privatization of rural livelihoods

The disappearing boundaries between financial speculation and development aid are an unsettling testimony to the rapid financialization of agriculture.


Change must come soon for Western Sahara youth

by Jen Wilton on December 17, 2013

Post image for Change must come soon for Western Sahara youth

Sahrawi youths, having been denied a homeland by Morocco for years, are getting increasingly frustrated in their refugee camps in the Algerian Sahara.


Post image for South Africa’s untold tragedy of neoliberal apartheid

Twenty years after apartheid, the old freedom fighters of the ANC have come to reproduce the same structures of oppression against which they once arose.


The Corps of Capitalism: volunteers for free enterprise

by Nathaniel Matthews-Trigg on October 9, 2013

Post image for The Corps of Capitalism: volunteers for free enterprise

Far from alleviating poverty in the Global South, the American Peace Corps locks marginalized communities into a global web of capitalist exploitation.


Post image for Spirit of revolt drifts South as austerity protests rock Sudan

After years of neoliberal reform, authoritarian rule and increasing misery, further austerity measures drive the people of Sudan back into the street.


Post image for Battle of Indonesia: resisting corporate destruction

The protests against fuel price hikes in Indonesia are merely the latest outburst of resistance to corporate destruction in both city and countryside.


Post image for In Bolivia, Morales faces a challenge from below

An ongoing two-week strike by miners, teachers and health workers exposes the contradictions at the heart of Morales’ “Andean and Amazonian capitalism”.