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Post image for A struggle to save Europe’s soul from privatization

As the EU sells its soul by pushing Greece to privatize its natural and cultural heritage, ordinary citizens are mobilizing to save their common wealth.


Post image for Marinaleda: the village where people come before profit

The thriving Spanish town of Marinaleda runs on the principles of mutual aid and direct action. In a country paralyzed by debt, is this an alternative?


Parecon: envisioning a life beyond capitalism

by Joris Leverink on July 2, 2014

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In this interview, ROAR sits down with Michael Albert, author of ‘Realizing Hope’ and editor of Znet, to explore the idea of participatory economics.


Turkey coalmine disaster: accident or murder?

by Pieter Verstraete on May 14, 2014

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The explosion that killed hundreds of coalminers in Turkey was not a random accident; it was the direct consequence of a decade of neoliberalization.


Post image for New study finds US to be ruled by oligarchic elite

Political scientists show that average American has “near-zero” influence on policy outcomes, but their groundbreaking study is not without problems.


Post image for Greece’s so-called recovery: a dangerous delusion

Government officials would have us believe that Greece is finally emerging from recession. Their unbridled sense of optimism is a dangerous delusion.


Post image for In each other we trust: coining alternatives to capitalism

Beyond God and state, it’s money that rules. Can we still imagine alternatives? And what role will recent innovations like Bitcoin play in the struggle?


Post image for David Harvey: the crisis of capitalism this time around

In this excerpt from his new book, the leading geographer reflects on the ongoing capitalist crisis and the historical moment in which we find ourselves.


Post image for Crisis, City and Democracy: on the uprising in Turkey

As rebel geographies across the world grow increasingly disillusioned with the masquerade of liberal democracy, social explosions are sure to continue.


Interview with Paul Mattick: more business as usual

by Global Uprisings on February 27, 2014

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“You can either try to do your best as an individual, or you’ll have to somehow, together with others, fundamentally alter the existing social system.”