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Post image for ROAR on RT: bailouts mean crisis has reached tipping point

ROAR founder Jerome appeared on RT to argue why the EU bailouts of Spain and Cyprus are the start of a ‘doom loop’ between states and banks.

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Post image for EU doom loop: bank bailouts reveal true roots of crisis

Not excessive government spending but excessive bank lending lies at the root of the eurozone crisis. Here’s why the bankers, not the people, should pay.


Post image for Catastroika: the disastrous wholesale of the Greek state

In this sequel to last year’s Debtocracy, two Greek journalists explore the catastrophic history of neoliberal privatization — and its lessons for Greece.


Post image for For Spain’s rescued bankers, there will be no austerity

Now that Spain has become the fourth country to receive an EU bailout, the question arises why its corrupt bankers are getting away unscathed.


Post image for Capitalist crisis, corporate power, subverted democracy

Does business occupy a privileged position in capitalism? Why do indebted countries not default more often? And do we really live in a democracy?


Post image for Alexis Tsipras, Greece’s rising star, is a radical in name only

For Europe, the leader of SYRIZA is a dangerous Greek populist. For Žižek he is a voice of reason. In truth, he is just an outspoken social democrat.


Post image for ‘Occupy Mordor’ in Spain: the finger in Sauron’s eye

With Spain bracing for a run on the banks, the #OccupyMordor protest in front of the Caixa bank in Barcelona strikes the system where it hurts most.


Post image for Blockupy Frankfurt: taking the struggle to the next level

Tens of thousands descend upon the continent’s financial capital for one of the most anticipated pan-European demonstrations since the G8 in Genoa.


Post image for 15M: a year on, the struggle of the indignados continues

Anniversary of 15-M movement marked by deepening crisis, massive bank bailout and fears of eurozone break-up. The indignation only grows stronger. 


Post image for ROAR presents: #12M — The Sun Rises Once More (video)

A year since we first took the square, the global crisis has only deepened. But in Madrid, on May 12, the sun rose once again. Let it shine forever more.