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Post image for ROAR on RT: “take away our homes — expect violence”

ROAR contributor Carlos Delclos appeared on RT to explain why yesterday’s clashes in Madrid are a logical outgrowth of the state’s handling of the crisis.


Millions on streets as Spain unites against austerity

by Santiago Carrion on July 20, 2012

Post image for Millions on streets as Spain unites against austerity

Struggles converge as miners, firefighters, judges, public employees, the unemployed and even the army step up their resistance against EU-enforced cuts.


Post image for Italy in Crisis: Monti and the dictatorship of austerity

Ruling over Rome like a new Caesar, in the words of TIME Magazine, the unelected Mario Monti effectively runs Italy as a modern dictatorship of austerity.


Post image for Italy in Crisis: the rise of ‘Super Mario’ technocracy

Italy remains at the forefront of a growing global power grab: a ‘technocratic revolution’ in which formal democracy is pushed aside for financial interests.


Post image for Police crackdown as striking miners march on Madrid

Dozens injured as riot police attack striking miners and their sympathizers in Madrid while Spanish government announces further austerity measures.


Post image for ROAR on RT: bailouts mean crisis has reached tipping point

ROAR founder Jerome appeared on RT to argue why the EU bailouts of Spain and Cyprus are the start of a ‘doom loop’ between states and banks.

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Post image for EU doom loop: bank bailouts reveal true roots of crisis

Not excessive government spending but excessive bank lending lies at the root of the eurozone crisis. Here’s why the bankers, not the people, should pay.


Post image for Catastroika: the disastrous wholesale of the Greek state

In this sequel to last year’s Debtocracy, two Greek journalists explore the catastrophic history of neoliberal privatization — and its lessons for Greece.


Post image for For Spain’s rescued bankers, there will be no austerity

Now that Spain has become the fourth country to receive an EU bailout, the question arises why its corrupt bankers are getting away unscathed.


Post image for Capitalist crisis, corporate power, subverted democracy

Does business occupy a privileged position in capitalism? Why do indebted countries not default more often? And do we really live in a democracy?