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Recuperating Marcuse against a culture of cruelty

by James Anderson on July 29, 2014

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Can an affective politics based on Marcuse’s pleasure principle help us overcome our culture of violence and prefigure relations of love and pleasure?


Post image for Rojava revolution: building autonomy in the Middle East

Kurdish rebels are establishing self-rule in war-torn Syria, resembling the Zapatista experience and providing a democratic alternative for the region.


Post image for The cybernetics of Occupy: an anarchist perspective

Stafford Beer’s organizational cybernetics can help us understand Occupy’s non-hierarchical democratic processes and the role of autonomy within them.


Post image for Rio de Janeiro: a story of occupations and evictions

The Homeless Worker Movement occupied a building in Rio, helping to shelter thousands — but in the run-up to the World Cup they were violently evicted.


Post image for They Can’t Represent Us: a riveting defense of democracy

They Can’t Represent Us by Marina Sitrin and Dario Azzellini is a fiery indictment of electoral politics and a riveting defense of real democracy.


Post image for Kazova: the Turkish factory under workers’ control

On the eve of the first anniversary of the Gezi uprising, a small group of textile workers explores a radical alternative: occupy, resist, produce!


Post image for ‘Ecofeminism’: a talk about hard work and great joy

In this interview, Maria Mies – a feminist activist scholar – talks about patriarchal capitalism, the ‘good life’ and how ecofeminism can inspire the movement.


Squatting for justice, bringing life to the city

by Miguel A. Martínez on May 13, 2014

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Squats have to be recognized and supported for what they are: vibrant social centers at the very heart of the ‘commons’, actively including the excluded.


Post image for Hotel Bauen and workplace recuperation in Argentina

Despite being under constant threat of eviction by the state, the recuperated Hotel Bauen in Buenos Aires remains a shining example of workers’ control.


Post image for Where is the protest? A reply to Graeber and Lapavitsas

Yes, we’re nice people, and yes we have been sapped of our energy. But the main reasons we’re not protesting are deeper and must be targeted directly.