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The primordial mutiny of anarcho-Blackness

  • September 8, 2020

Race & Resistance

Anarcho-Blackness is a qualitative shift of what anarchism is and does, describing the insurgency that defines the abolition of hierarchy and the state.

Note from the editors

On September 8 we published an excerpt from Marquis Bey’s new book Anarcho-Blackness. It has since been brought to our attention that Bey is currently involved in an accountability process related to accusations of abuse. You can read more about the accusations and the ongoing process on the website of Bey’s publisher, AK Press.

We have decided to temporarily take down this post and await the outcome of the accountability process. Once the process has been concluded, we will decide whether to put the post back up or take it down permanently, depending on the wishes of the survivor in question.

ROAR is not involved with the process. For questions we direct you to Bey’s publisher AK Press.

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