Media & Manipulation

Ken Loach on Palestine: “don’t be distracted, just tell the truth”

The acclaimed film director responds to recent allegations in The Guardian and New York Times that he gave “spurious legitimacy” to Holocaust denial.

Culture & Critique

Financialization, precarity and reactionary authoritarianism

By increasing global competition, the precariousness wrought by financialization has laid the foundations for reactionary authoritarianism around the world.

The City Rises

Municipalism and the Feminization of Politics

Beside turning local institutions into mechanisms of self-governance, municipalism also has the potential to feminize politics in a way that action at the national level does not.

The City Rises

Bakur Rising: Democratic Autonomy in Kurdistan

The Kurdish experiment in radical municipalism obliges us to rethink the issue of state violence and how new worlds can be created as well as defended.

The Real State of Emergency

Filmmaker Ross Domoney is in Paris ahead of the second round of the French elections, where he follows those who were never offered a choice to begin with.

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