Not This Time!

A Dozen Shades of Far Right

The growing threat of authoritarianism demands mass movements and broad-based anti-fascist action on the basis of internationalism and genuine solidarity.

Not This Time!

Radical Democracy: The First Line Against Fascism

The Kurds’ democratic resistance to ISIS demonstrates that anti-fascism cannot be separated from the wider struggle against capitalism, patriarchy and the state.

Not This Time!

The Anarchism of Blackness

The Democratic Party has led Black America down a dead end. The sooner we begin to understand that, the more realistically we will be able to organize against fascism.

Not This Time!

The Night that Changed Everything

How the murder of a Greek rapper by Golden Dawn thugs sparked an anti-fascist backlash that eventually led to the neo-Nazis’ defeat in the streets.

The Real State of Emergency

Filmmaker Ross Domoney is in Paris ahead of the second round of the French elections, where he follows those who were never offered a choice to begin with.

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