A revolutionary summer in Istanbul — in pictures

by ROAR Collective on November 11, 2013

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This collection of photos by activist Jenna Pope recounts the events surrounding the destruction and occupation of Gezi Park in early June this year. 


Turkey infographic: ten days of resistance

by ROAR Collective on June 9, 2013

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For ten days, protesters in Turkey have taken to the streets and clashed with police throughout the country. This infographic summarizes the events.


Post image for Explicit evidence of Turkish state violence — in pictures

These photos reveal the ugly side of the Turkish economic miracle: an authoritarian neoliberal state willing to kill in order to preserve its place.


Post image for Turkish protests show no sign of abating — in pictures

As the social unrest in Turkey enters its fifth day, a collection of striking photos by ActiveStills reveals that the protests show no sign of abating.


Post image for The day the people of Turkey rose up — in pictures

Police forced to retreat from Istanbul’s Taksim square as protests against the authoritarian neoliberalism of Erdogan’s proto-Islamist government grow.


Post image for 180+ arrests on Occupy Wall St. anniversary — in pictures

Police crackdown on Occupy continues as over 180 are arrested during the peaceful celebration of the movement’s first anniversary in Lower Manhattan.


Post image for Occupy Mordor and education strike in Barcelona — in photos

In Barcelona, the revolution did not stop on 15-M — it continues with a massive education strike and a constant cacerolada in front of the Caixa bank.


Post image for Chicago: police violence at NATO protests — in pictures

Thousands descend upon Chicago in a large demonstration against capitalism, austerity and war during a 4-day summit of NATO leaders in the city.

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Post image for Moments of revolution: looking back at May 2011 in Madrid

This collection of photos and short stories recounts the historic events that took place in Puerta del Sol at the start of its occupation one year ago.


Post image for #12M15M: the indignados are back in the street — in pictures

From May 12 till 15, the Spanish indignados took back the square in a massive show of continued resistance against a broken capitalist system.