Environment & Ecology

Lobbying politicians is holding back the climate movement

The lobbying and state-directed demands of climate NGOs are hurting the UK’s climate movement. We need to organize our struggle at a distance from the state.

Protest & Policing

What good is a right to toothless protest?

The UK’s new police and crime bill is a clear attack on the basic right to protest and a next step in the democratic backsliding of the country.

Paris Commune 150

Elisabeth Dmitrieff: feminist, unionist, Communarde

At the age of 20, Dmitrieff founded and led the Union des femmes, the foremost radical feminist and socialist organization that emerged during the Commune.

Movement & Mobilization

Queer and feminist militants are shaping Tunisia’s protests

A decade after the 2011 Revolution, a new generation of Tunisians is back on the streets as a broad, intersectional movement united through grassroots militancy.


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