Race & Resistance

The Roma struggle from protests to political liberation

Anti-Roma racism remains pervasive across Europe. It is time to develop a common political agenda for the unification and collective liberation of the Roma.

Work & Workers

Can East African workers overcome cooptation and suppression?

Are radical worker struggles, which waned as a result of protracted government efforts to infiltrate and co-opt organized labor, making a comeback in East Africa?

Movement & Mobilization

​The re-birth of the left in the post-socialist Balkans

A new Balkan left is struggling against the post-socialist predicament, the disasters of capitalist restoration and the chronic crises that plague the European periphery.

People & Power

Social catastrophe and kleptocracy feed the fires in South Africa

Triggered by the imprisonment of ex-president Zuma, last week’s riots compounded the legitimation crisis of the ANC and exposed the weakness of the left.


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