Autonomy & Authority

​Re-learning the past to re-imagine the future

In his new book, Modibo Kadalie examines the convergence of maroon and Indigenous cultures in the US and rediscovers a lost history of intimate direct democracy.

Intellectuals & Ideas

​Hope in hopeless times: an interview with John Holloway

John Holloway shares his thoughts on the COVID-19 pandemic, social movements challenging the logic of capital, communal power against hierarchy and more.

Intellectuals & Ideas

No escaping the state: the story of Lovett Fort-Whiteman

The life of a Black radical who fled state violence in the US only to find it under a different name in the Soviet Union shows the state is never the solution.

Capitalism & Crisis

Mismeasuring progress: A critique of the growth paradigm

Historian Stephen J. Macekura traces the origins of the growth paradigm and explains why we are still in the grips of his powerful-but-flawed economic idea today.


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