People & Power

Environmental activists in Honduras refuse to submit

One year after Berta Cáceres’ murder, indigenous peoples are in revolt, fighting for their rights to exist in a system that has no part for them to play.

Intellectuals & Ideas

Facing the wind: the life of Wobbly organizer Sam Dolgoff

This fascinating memoir is part biography, part commentary on many decades of twentieth-century labor activism, seen through the eyes of Sam Dolgoff.

Cities & Communities

Organizing against the Irish housing emergency

The occupation of Apollo House in Dublin was the largest direct action in Ireland in recent years, but it did not materialize out of nowhere.

Capitalism & Crisis

The Irish water insurgency: no more blood from these stones

After the government tried to privatize and raise the costs of water, the Irish drew a line: “they are not going to draw any more blood from those stones.”


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