Movement & Mobilization

Trump and everyday anti-fascism beyond punching Nazis

The goal of everyday anti-fascism is to increase the social cost of oppressive behavior to the point where those who promote it see no option but to hide.

Culture & Critique

Of love, hate, hope and despair: ten theses on Trumpland vocabulary

How are we to navigate the ideological struggle over politically charged concepts that can either rally people to the streets, or make them stay at home?

Society & Solidarity

The solidarity ecosystems of occupied factories

The workers of the recuperated VIO.ME factory in Greece are building towards more supportive communities and a stronger, less-fractured society.

Gender & Governance

Left-wing populism and the feminization of politics

Populism is not only incompatible with feminizing politics — it actually reinforces patriarchy. We need to transform the way left-wing politics is done.


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