Autonomy & Authority

Resist, protect, revive: being Pataxó in Brazil

For over 500 years, the Pataxó have resisted the colonization of their lands — the struggle to protect their language, culture and history continues to this day.

Race & Resistance

The struggle against anti-Blackness in Canada

Canada, “the land of multiculturalism,” has a long tradition of erasing its anti-Black history – but the Black radical imagination is experiencing a revival.

Movement & Mobilization

The Floyd rebellion: pathway to a revolution?

The Floyd rebellion, if followed by a general strike and People’s Assemblies, can blossom into an instrument of dual power that could radically transform society.

Race & Resistance

“Silence is not an option”: Black women make history

Dr. Keisha N. Blain speaks to ROAR about the vital role of Black women leaders in the success of Black political movements in modern US history.


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