Capitalism & Crisis

How Spain’s Vox fortifies neo-fascist internationalism

The rise of Vox and similar neo-fascist parties in Europe is symptomatic of the capitalist class’ attempts to maintain their rule at a time of systemic crisis.

Environment & Ecology

There is no such thing as a green war

The military industrial complex is a major contributor to climate change — this calls for a merger of anti-war, climate and refugee solidarity movements.

Autonomy & Authority

What went wrong for the municipalists in Spain?

Spain’s municipalist parties suffered a major setback at the May elections — their own actions and inactions are largely to blame for the loss of support.

Environment & Ecology

Energy commons: from energy transition to climate justice

Viewing energy as a common-held resource, rather than a privately-owned commodity, directly links production to consumption and re-engages our liability as energy users.


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