People & Power

More than just a “Spring”: the Arab region’s long-term revolution

The Arab region is immersed in a long-term revolutionary process that pits youth-led movements against authoritarian rulers and neoliberal capitalism, explains Gilbert Achcar.

Education & Emancipation

Power to disrupt: limits and possibilities of campus sit-ins

What role can sit-ins play in building radical, bottom-up class power on college campuses in the US? Four recent examples to draw lessons for revolutionary campus struggle.

Autonomy & Authority

Eyewitnesses to the Rojava revolution: women empowerment

The Rojava revolution is under attack. Debbie Bookchin and Emre Şahin share their thoughts on this unique revolutionary process after recently visiting the region.

Education & Emancipation

Prisons and universities: from exploitation to solidarity

The similarities in the economic positions of grad workers and prison laborers provide the possibility for a radical alliance challenging the logic of 21st century capital.


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