Culture & Critique

How the Nation of Islam fought white supremacy with pie

Radicals have long used food to challenge the status quo. The Nation of Islam’s navy bean pie was a weapon in its battle against white supremacy.

Autonomy & Authority

The ZAD: between utopian radicalism and negotiated pragmatism

The ZAD’s years-long confrontation with the French state harbors many lessons about the role of unity in radical struggles and the effectiveness of land occupation strategies.

Surveillance & Security

Organizing against militarism from Israel to Europe

The EU has invested billions in Israeli arms companies to further militarize its border agency Frontex. Building a global antimilitarist movement is essential.

Movement & Mobilization

Defending the legacy of Chile’s 2019 uprising

The social movement left is having an outsized impact on Chile’s Constitutional Convention — combined with pressure from the streets, another Chile is possible.

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