Race & Resistance

The Roma struggle from protests to political liberation

Anti-Roma racism remains pervasive across Europe. It is time to develop a common political agenda for the unification and collective liberation of the Roma.

Work & Workers

Can East African workers overcome cooptation and suppression?

Are radical worker struggles, which waned as a result of protracted government efforts to infiltrate and co-opt organized labor, making a comeback in East Africa?

Movement & Mobilization

​The re-birth of the left in the post-socialist Balkans

A new Balkan left is struggling against the post-socialist predicament, the disasters of capitalist restoration and the chronic crises that plague the European periphery.

People & Power

Social catastrophe and kleptocracy feed the fires in South Africa

Triggered by the imprisonment of ex-president Zuma, last week’s riots compounded the legitimation crisis of the ANC and exposed the weakness of the left.

Father Frost Against Putin

Every year, Russian activists gather in Helsinki, continuing a long tradition in which the city has served as a safe haven for Russian revolutionaries.

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