Society & Solidarity

The Spirit of Marikana: the rise of insurgent trade unionism in South Africa — an excerpt

Four years after South Africa’s bloodiest post-apartheid massacre, in which dozens of striking miners were killed by police, a fresh memory of Marikana is needed.

Equality & Empowerment

Review: A Road Unforeseen — Women Fight the Islamic State

“Any movement for real transformation must make the demands of women central,” argues Meredith Tax in her superb book on the Kurdish women’s struggle.

Future of Work

The Street Syndicate: Re-organizing Informal Work

As informality becomes a major feature of the global economy, street syndicalism may be the key to putting human dignity over property rights.

Future of Work

Workers’ Control in the Crisis of Capitalism

Recent years have seen a proliferation of recuperated workplaces around the globe, laying the foundations for a truly democratic workers’ economy.

The Camp — Eko

This final part of a mini series on the dreams and struggles of refugees in Greece tells the stories of those stuck at the unofficial Eko refugee camp.

The Port — Piraeus

Living in tents and over-crowded ferry terminals in the port of Athens, refugees wait for the right to continue their journeys and to seek hoped-for refuge.

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