Capitalism & Crisis

The G20 must deliver justice and drop the debt

As the G20 meet, the Progressive International’s Debt Justice group calls for a radical break with extraction and austerity — and proposes a new system in its place.

People & Power

Chile’s 2021 forecast: clouds of unrest and a drizzle of hope

Presidential elections, a constitutional reform process and rising social tensions: 2021 is shaping up to be a critical year that will define Chile’s future.

People & Power

Courage, rage and joy at Turkey’s student protests

The undemocratic appointment of a party loyalist as rector at a prominent university in Turkey is fiercely resisted by its student body and faculty.

Equality & Empowerment

Mexican feminists raise their voices against patriarchy

Faced with an epidemic of femicides and government inaction, Mexican feminists are turning to increasingly radical tactics in their collective quest for justice.

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