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Post image for Beyond the ballot box: Apoyo Mutuo in Spain

Frustrated with the empty plazas and Podemos’ electoral politics, a new social movement has emerged seeking a return to the popular horizontalism of 15-M.


Post image for In Napoli, a struggle for justice after police kill 16-year-old

Last September, Napoli police killed a 16-year-old kid from a poor neighborhood. Together with social movements, the family still fights for justice.

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Post image for For Bosnia’s workers, the struggle is far from over

A year after a popular uprising took Bosnia and Herzegovina by force, the remaining workers of the DITA factory are still struggling to avoid bankruptcy.

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Post image for From Wisconsin to Baltimore: which lessons learned?

The Wisconsin uprising of 2011 provides valuable lessons for the Black Lives Matter movement across the US, especially about the directions not to take.


Post image for Baltimore: ‘we want justice, by any means necessary’

People had to resort to bricks and fire to be heard, but finally the authorities can no longer ignore the voices of the marginalized and oppressed.


Post image for Fight for $15 marks a new era of workers’ struggle in the US

The struggle for fair pay is establishing itself as a successor to failed trade union strategies and a key node in the emerging social justice movement.

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Kazova workers claim historic victory in Turkey

by Joris Leverink on May 1, 2015

Post image for Kazova workers claim historic victory in Turkey

After two years of resistance, the Free Kazova worker cooperative in Turkey now started producing, setting an example for a new generation of workers.


Post image for Turkey’s unions are dead, long live the cooperative?

Accidents, killings, massacres: Turkish labor unions are helpless as thousands of workers die every year, while their bosses are shielded by the state.


The Wanted 18: depoliticizing the intifada?

by Rayya El Zein on April 9, 2015

Post image for The Wanted 18: depoliticizing the intifada?

A new film on the Palestinian intifada provides an interesting perspective — that of a group of Israeli cows (!) — but fails to tell the real story.


Post image for Greek activists welcome much needed breathing space

Many Greeks have low expectations of SYRIZA, but with the coalition in power a space has opened up that allows for the creation of an alternative economy.