Tribute to Egypt’s martyrs: ‘Your time will come, al-Sisi!’

  • January 26, 2014

People & Protest

“You, General al-Sisi, will keep killing us, we’ll keep dying and grieving until your time comes. Like it did for Morsi, the tables will turn on you.”

These are images you have never seen before, or maybe you have but you did not pay attention to them. Though these are images of everyday life, they hide sites of pain, corners of terror, the places left behind by martyrs.

Most of these images were taken in spaces where the state’s security forces kidnapped, tortured or murdered one of us. The very fact that these images were taken is due to the courage by those left behind, to give witness. We carry a heavy burden, to carry this revolution forward.

The speaker in this video is one of those who will not give up the fight, no matter the complexity, no matter the success of their propaganda, he will speak out and stand in their path and this is why they hunt him.

Whether on our streets in broad daylight or in the dark corners of their citadels, these security men practice their violence on us with all the legitimacy the state can offer.

This is why we went to the street January 25 2011.

This is why we continue to fight them today.


On June 30th, we set off a lot of fireworks and such in Tahrir Square. Out of joy we spent everything we had. I went to the police station and said we stood by you on June 30th. They said: “Get the hell out, Egypt won’t forget you!” and bam! They threw me in a cell and had delinquents search me, and take everything I had.

What the hell?! What is going on? We helped them a great deal, and what did they do to us? What are doing to us now? Cocaine, cocaine, cocaine, cocaine. Cocaine make a young man act like this, not demand his rights.

This has been going on since June 30th. It hurts and kills our youth. We stop it, we fight it and you spread it. Besides, you don’t want me to clean myself up, because then that shows what you’re really all about. And we’ll go back to not letting the state into our streets. What drove our folks to fight, will drive us to fight too. We used to face Morsi down with rocks for hours. The gas would kill us but we weren’t afraid. Mohammad al-Gindy died for that. So did Jika. You kill millions and want us to be silent? We won’t.

The youth keep having kids, the kids have kids and they all keep getting burned. I won’t keep silent. You’re oppressors. Even the Muslim Brotherhood tyrants and terrorists didn’t do such things. We’d go protest, the police would fire a round of birdshot at us. Then four sound grenades, a round of birdshot after 2 hours.

Now you shoot live rounds at us 24 hours a day, to the head or the heart. Now I give the V for the victory sign and you shoot me down. It’s the same sign that put you all in power, Abd al-Fattah al-Sissi! We all supported you, and now you’ve turned on us. God willing, the tables will be turned on you, as we did to Morsi.

You left us with a corrupt police station. They treat us unjustly all the time. You’ve betrayed us completely. We made the country safe for you. That’s how you got here. Now you want to beat us down? Even Morsi didn’t do that.

Why did we start the January 25 Revolution? We had 1 EGP our families had killed themselves working for, but that money didn’t go far. We were losing our honor because the government keeps giving with one hand and taking away with the other. Electricity, everything was getting more expensive.

Then January 25th came and we stood up for our rights. We protested and were shot at, but got no treatment. I’m still paying for these eye drops myself. No one is afraid any more. We got rid of a system stronger than you. That tyrant whose seat you’re sitting in, we took him out.

The army was with us. Now it’s against us? We’re not afraid. What kind of army grabs women? Those aren’t men. We’ll clean the country up and we’ll wage a war for it, against you, just like we did against Morsi. We used to fight with stones and we weren’t afraid. The best of our youth fall and die, and we keep going.

Find a solution. Sort this police station out. Or else we burn it down and the whole area will go wild. You’ll be tried, not the police officers. You’ll be held accountable. The people in charge are never held accountable. That useless piece of shit officer is just a dog that is placed there.

What am I supposed to do? I save as much money as I can. God help me. When I get tired of it I’ll buy a gun and shoot you down, it’s my right, that’s how I’ll get my rights. If I let him be he’ll let the Israelis in to eat us. If I permit this situation to continue, then I am indirectly agreeing to an outside occupier.

You, Abd al-Fattah al-Sisi, you’re sitting at home, like you were when Morsi was killing us. Where were you then? We gave you authority and wasted our money on photos of you. So what have you done? You’ll keep on killing us, we’ll keep on dying, one after the other, and grieving until your time comes, like it did for Morsi the tyrant, and the tables will be turned on you too, God willing.

Mosireen Collective

Mosireen is a non-profit media collective in Downtown Cairo born out of the explosion of citizen media and cultural activism in Egypt during the revolution.

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