Autonomy & Authority

Counter-power and self-defense in Latin America

Against the backdrop of state and gang violence, some of the continent’s most affected communities have taken radical measures to defend themselves and build new social counter-powers from below.

People & Power

The dangers of focusing all our attention on Donald Trump

Trump’s erratic presidency is a manifestation, not the cause, of democratic decay. The unfolding political crisis will outlast him. So must the resistance.

People & Power

Resistance is life: Mehmet Aksoy’s last letter to his family

Power to our beloved comrade and friend, Mehmet Aksoy, a hero of Kurdistan and the internationalist struggles against capitalism, colonialism and fascism.

Autonomy & Authority

The perils and promise of self-determination

Could Öcalan’s democratic confederalism offer a revolutionary alternative to the stalemated outcomes of the Catalan and Kurdish independence referendums?


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