The Flip Side

  • September 30, 2016

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Land & Liberation

Conservation is about the survival of ecological communities — but what if poaching were the only solution for the survival of a human one?

The Flip Side is the intimate portrait of a marginalized community of small-scale fishermen in South Africa’s Western Cape. Denied access to traditional fisheries and struggling to survive, these communities have resorted to poaching abalone for the lucrative Far-East market. The Flip Side follows the story of Angelo Joseph as he begins to negotiate the obstacle-strewn path leading his community from the negative impacts of poaching to a more sustainable future in aquaculture.

EG Eriksson

EG Eriksson is a photographer, videographer and writer currently based in Cape Town, South Africa. In his work he focuses primarily on wordwide conservation and environmental issues, with an emphasis on maritime environments and its people. Visit his website at

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