Hong Kong Wears Black

  • November 21, 2019

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Authority & Abolition

The police violence in Hong Kong has intensified, but so has the militancy of the protesters. All dressed in black, they are ready for the confrontation.

Since early June, a huge protest movement has erupted in the semi-autonomous region of Hong Kong against the encroaching rule of China. What started as a protest against a controversial amendment to the Extradition Law that could potentially see Hongkongers being extradited to China has since evolved into a broader pro-democracy movement. The amendment that triggered the protests has since been shelved, but the protests show no sign of abating,

The extremely violent and disproportionate crackdown by the Hong Kong police forces have in turned sparked a more aggressive and organized resistance from the protesters. The movement’s militant “frontliners” have been inspired by black bloc techniques they picked up online watching videos form past protests in Greece and France.

October 1 was the 70th anniversary of the people’s republic of China. On this occasion, up to one million people came out to protest. Nearly all demonstrators wore black and the frontline was occupied by a black bloc of over 10,000-strong, ready to resist and fight the police. It was the first time that Hong Kong police shot a live round at a protester, taking the crisis to a new level.

Ross Domoney was there with his video camera to capture the day as it unfolded.

Ross Domoney

Ross Domoney is an award-winning independent documentary maker and video journalist. He focuses on non-presenter lead, observational filmmaking about political struggles from around the world. He also produces documentary films that are often character lead. Ross has worked in Syria, Turkey, Ukraine and the DR Congo, to name a few.

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