• March 26, 2016

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Culture & Critique

The beauty of street art is the direct contact you have with people. There is no mediation — there is no structure around the art.

Zola is a street artist motivated by social justice. She paints, cuts and pastes her art throughout the streets of Montreal. Her works, always political, invite those who stumble upon them to question themselves on themes dear to her. While respecting her anonymity, this intimate portrait presents the passion behind the work.

Canada, 2014, 13′

Maxime Faure

Maxime Faure is an independent filmmaker passionate about social documentaries. His sensibility for socio-political changes has led him to focus on young people of his generation involved in various struggles. He often chooses to adopt an intimate point of view focusing on alternative lifestyles, on individuals and their daily lives, their dreams and their works.

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