The Real State of Emergency

  • May 1, 2017

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Borders & Beyond

Filmmaker Ross Domoney is in Paris ahead of the second round of the French elections, where he follows those who were never offered a choice to begin with.

As the press and politicians obsess with the second round of voting in the French elections, with the choice between the two final contenders seeming meaningless to many, we follow those who were never offered a choice to begin with. France’s forgotten refugees are now faced with grim future scenarios, dictated by either the neoliberal or the outright fascist policies of the two remaining candidates.

Ross Domoney

Ross Domoney is an award-winning independent documentary maker and video journalist. He focuses on non-presenter lead, observational filmmaking about political struggles from around the world. He also produces documentary films that are often character lead. Ross has worked in Syria, Turkey, Ukraine and the DR Congo, to name a few.

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