The Border — Idomeni

  • May 19, 2016

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Borders & Beyond

A glimpse of the quietly devastating impacts of border closures, and reflections of some of those in Idomeni, Greece, seeking refuge in Europe.

The Border — الحدود is a short documentary that provides a glimpse of the devastating impacts of the militarization and closures of European borders, and the reflections of those stuck in states of limbo, forced to live in degrading and precarious conditions.

Grounded in an ethic of solidarity and, ultimately, accountability to those interviewed for the piece, The Border — الحدود profiles some of the moments of vulnerability of those seeking refuge, as well as the strength, endurance and nuance of those who self-organize and assert their right to live in safety and dignity.

Filmed in early April at the Idomeni border crossing by Marcelo Biglia and Caoimhe Butterly, the short film platforms the voices of Rana, a Kurdish activist from Afrin, Mohammed and Shaeyer, a student and shop owner from Damascus and Rania and Samar, teachers and single mothers from Aleppo.

The Border — الحدود is one of three short films. The Piraeus Port and Eko camp sections will be released soon. All are intended as awareness-raising and hopefully solidarity-expanding resources.

Caoimhe Butterly

Caoimhe lived and worked with social movements and grassroots community projects across the globe. She’s spent the past year working with mobile medical teams and solidarity structures with those on the move through Greece, the Balkans and Calais and is active with migrant-led anti-racism organizing in Ireland.

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