Scene at the now-evacuated Idomeni informal refugee camp on the border between Greece and Macedonia. Photo: Julian Buijzen

The Camp — Eko

  • June 14, 2016

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Borders & Beyond

This final part of a mini series on the dreams and struggles of refugees in Greece tells the stories of those stuck at the unofficial Eko refugee camp.

Filmed in the Eko unofficial refugee camp in Polykastro, Greece, The Camp features interviews with some of the women, men and children stuck there, waiting for some sort of clarity in terms of what the future holds for them and their families. Reflecting on the humiliation of forced dependency, women, men and children in the camp speak about their demand to have the right to be able to live lives of safety and dignity.

The combined stories of Wael, a Palestinian single father from Yarmouk Camp in Syria, who single-parents his two children following the death of his wife and other children during shelling of their home; Abdullah, a young aspiring basketball player; Salwa, a YPJ fighter who was wounded in Kobane and who now hopes to train to become a paramedic; and Maram, who calls for solidarity and support for the struggles of refugee and migrant communities on the move, offer a glimpse into the strength, endurance and pain that so many of those seeking refuge carry with them.

The Camp is the final part of a three-part series on the lives and struggles of refugees in Greece. The first film — The Border — was shot in the informal Idomeni refugee camp and can be watched here. The second film — The Port — shot at Athen’s Piraeus Port can be watched here. All are intended as awareness-raising and hopefully solidarity-expanding resources.

Caoimhe Butterly

Caoimhe lived and worked with social movements and grassroots community projects across the globe. She’s spent the past year working with mobile medical teams and solidarity structures with those on the move through Greece, the Balkans and Calais and is active with migrant-led anti-racism organizing in Ireland.

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