A Stingless Collaboration

  • August 18, 2020

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Climate & Catastrophe

Don Andrés, a beekeeper and healer from Coatepec, Mexico has made it his life’s work to protect the endangered pollinators that keep the tropics alive.

Guardians of the Watershed: A Series About Environmental Solutions follows Earth Guardians from the Antigua Watershed in Veracruz, Mexico (Totonac/Nahua Territory). From the river sentinels who stopped the Brazilian conglomerate Odebrecht S.A., to local beekeepers, the series explores how water protectors and organic producers can join forces to create a regenerative future for the entire region.

At a time when the news is dominated by doom and gloom, it is necessary to focus on the people who are working together to combat the climate crises on a local level. Communities from across the Antigua Watershed have recognized that, whether they work the land or live in a waterless city, all their struggles are linked. It is only through their collaboration that they can protect and nurture their land and water.

The series is centered around three Earth Guardians from different regions of the Antigua Watershed. These individuals have taken different approaches to fight the climate crises, and they are aware that the success of their struggle depends on their cooperation. These brave climate warriors are the beekeeper Andrés Torres Hernández, the organic farmer Mercedes Cortez Melchor and the Antigua River Sentinels.

A Stingless Collaboration

This video features Don Andrés, a beekeeper and healer from Coatepec (Totonac/Nahua Territory), the coffee growing capital of Veracruz. The buzzing of bees runs in his blood; beekeeping has been part of his family for generations.

Don Andrés initially started caring for the European honeybee, but he has since become one of the authorities on rescuing and caring for native stingless bees. Stingless bees are the heart of tropical and subtropical regions throughout the world. Don Andrés has mastered the care of numerous species endemic to the area.

It is his life work to teach others how to raise native stingless bees, and thus protect the endangered pollinators that are keeping the tropics alive.

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