The Birdcage

  • July 5, 2018

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Capitalism & Crisis

A filmic experiment investigating the relationship between politics and economics, against a backdrop of democratic deficits, capital controls and soft European coups d’état.

The Birdcage revolves around the austerity measures in Greece, a few days after the historic Greek referendum of July 2015. Ten leading thinkers in democratic politics, including the philosopher Srecko Horvat, the documentary filmmaker Astra Taylor, ROAR Magazine editor Jerome Roos, and writer and professor Jodi Dean take turns in a room, minutes away from the Greek parliament and the teargas of Syntagma Square, in answering the question: “How do economics affect politics today and what consequences does this have for the future of democracy?”

Manos Cizek

Manos Čížek is a Greek actor, writer and award-winning film director known for Red City (2012), The Winter (2013) and The Penal Colony (2017). He lives in Athens, Greece.

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Lindsey Aliksanyan

Lindsey Aliksanyan is an award-winning film director, art director and producer of Armenian origin. Highlighting social and humanitarian issues he has produced and directed works such as the acclaimed political feature film Red City (2012), The Penal Colony (2017) and The Birdcage (2018).

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