What is going to happen here?

  • November 20, 2019

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City & Commons

A film about those who challenge the conversion of Lisbon into a commodity, those who resist injustice by building power for, and with those who need a place to live.

O que vai acontecer aquí? (What is going to happen here?) is a documentary movie about the social movement defending the right to live in the city of Lisbon at a time of intensifying struggles for urban space caused by the expansion of finance capitalism, which concentrates wealth in the hands of a few and increases social inequality.

A documentary by Left Hand Rotation in collaboration with Stop Despejos and Habita!

Left Hand Rotation

Left Hand Rotation is an art collective established in 2004 to develop pilot projects in different formats such as video, documentary, installations and urban interventions.

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Source URL — https://roarmag.org/films/what-is-going-to-happen-here/

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