Issue #1: ‘Revive la Commune!’


Issue #1 features ten essays on the organizational form and political imaginary of the revolutionary commune, with original illustrations by the Croatian artist Mirko Rastić.

N.B.: Print copies of ROAR are no longer for sale.

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  1. The Survival of the Paris Commune
    Kristin Ross
  2. Building Democracy without the State
    Dilar Dirik
  3. Decolonizing the Commune
    Richard Pithouse
  4. Pirates, Peasants and Proletarians
    Joris Leverink
  5. The Disobedient City and the Stateless Nation
    Kate Shea Baird
  6. The Commune: Future Form of Freedom
    George Katsiaficas
  7. Self-Reproduction and the Oaxaca Commune
    Barucha Calamity Peller
  8. Reclaiming the American Commons
    John Curl
  9. Venezuela: ¡Comuna o Nada!
    George Ciccariello-Maher
  10. The Political Form at Last Rediscovered
    Jerome Roos



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