Issue #4: ‘State of Control’


Our fourth print issue features nine essays on the state of control in an era of authoritarian neoliberalism, with original illustrations by the Croatian artist Mirko Rastić.

N.B.: Print copies of ROAR are no longer for sale.


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  1. Managing Disorder
  2. Authoritarian Neoliberalism and the Myth of Free Markets
    Ian Bruff
  3. The Concept of the Wall
    Elliot Sperber
  4. The Drone Assault on Democracy
    Laurie Calhoun
  5. The New Merchants of Death
    Jeremy Kuzmarov
  6. The Dog-Whistle Racism of the Neoliberal State
    Adam Elliot-Cooper
  7. Mass Surveillance and “Smart Totalitarianism”
    Chris Spannos
  8. Algorithmic Control and the Revolution of Desire
    Alfie Bown
  9. Neoliberalism’s Crumbling Democratic Facade
    Joris Leverink
  10. Black Awakening, Class Rebellion
    Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor interviewed by George Ciccariello-Maher


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