Issue #6: ‘The City Rises’


Our sixth print issue features nine essays on urban struggles and the new municipal movements, with original illustrations by a group of international artists.

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Table of Contents:

  1. Debbie Bookchin
    The Future We Deserve
  2. Eleanor Finley
    The New Municipal Movements
  3. Matt Hern
    This Land Is Whose Land?
  4. Tucker Landesman
    Pacifying the Neighborhood
  5. Antje Dieterich
    The Promise of Solidarity Cities
  6. Carlos Delclós
    Cities Against the Wall
  7. Theodoros Karyotis
    The Right to the City in an Age of Austerity
  8. Nazan Üstündag
    Democratic Autonomy in Kurdistan
  9. Laura Roth & Kate Shea Baird
    Municipalism and the Feminization of Politics

Art by:

  • Mirko Rastić
  • Istvan David
  • Ioannis Ikonomakis
  • Luis Alves
  • Milvietnams
  • Kaan Bağcı



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