Issue #3: ‘The Rule of Finance’


Our third print issue features nine essays on the power of finance and grassroots struggles against the 1 percent, with original illustrations by the Croatian artist Mirko Rastić.

N.B.: Print copies of ROAR are no longer for sale.


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  1. The Financial Aristocracy
  2. The Contradictions of Finance
    Richard D. Wolff
  3. The Rise of the Bondholding Class
    Sandy Brian Hager
  4. The Global 1 Percent Under Siege?
    Brooke Harrington
  5. On Fancy Forms of Paperwork
    David Graeber
  6. The Life and Times of the 1 Percent
    Tim DiMuzio
  7. The Debts of the American Empire
    Cassie Thornton and Max Haiven
  8. The “Golden Noose” of Global Finance
    Fanny Malinen
  9. The Potential of Debtors’ Unions
    Debt Collective
  10. Defeating the Global Bankocracy
    Jerome Roos



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