Issue #2: ‘The Future of Work’


Issue #2 features nine essays on the transformations of labor and the struggle for a post-work society, with original illustrations by the Croatian artist Mirko Rastić.

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  1. The Remaking of the Global Working Class
    Beverly Silver
  2. Working-Class Militancy in the Global South
    Immanuel Ness
  3. Between the Wage and the Commons
    Silvia Federici in conversation with Marina Sitrin
  4. Workers’ Control in the Crisis of Capitalism
    Dario Azzellini
  5. The Street Syndicate
    Carlos Delclós
  6. Will Robots Take Your Job?
    Nick Srnicek & Alex Williams
  7. Socialize the Internet!
    Joseph Todd
  8. Basic Income and the Future of Work
    Daniel Raventós & Julie Wark
  9. Towards a Post-Work Society
    David Frayne


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