Issue #5: ‘Not This Time!’


Our fifth print issue features nine essays on contemporary anti-fascism and the struggle against the far-right, with original illustrations by a group of international artists.

N.B.: Print copies of ROAR are no longer for sale.


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Table of Contents:

  1. Erik Forman
    Fight to Win
  2. Alexander Reid Ross
    Anti-Fascism and Revolution
  3. Maik Fielitz & Laura Lotte Laloire
    A Dozen Shades of Far Right
  4. Dilar Dirik
    Radical Democracy: The First Line against Fascism
  5. Leonidas Oikonomakis
    The Night that Changed Everything
  6. Azeezah Kanji & S. K. Hussan
    The Problem with Liberal Opposition to Islamophobia
  7. William Anderson & Zoé Samudzi
    Black Liberation and Anti-Fascism
  8. Mark Bray
    Everyday Anti-Fascism in the Era of Trump
  9. Ben Case 
    Beyond Violence and Nonviolence

Art by:

  • Mirko Rastić
  • Javier de Riba
  • Istvan David
  • Ioannis Oikonomakis
  • Kaan Bağcı



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