Cities & Communities

Berlin Tenants Reclaiming their City

This is the story of the movement for housing justice in Berlin — one of Europe’s most vibrant struggles to secure a city for all.


People & Power

Marcela’s Story: Planting Autonomy, Resisting Patriarchy

Marcela, an indigenous healer and organizer, reflects on the role of traditional knowledge and medicine in both her personal and collective struggles for liberation.


Movement & Mobilization

“We Were Winning”: Reflections On the Alter-Globalization Movement

This is the story of the rise and fall of the alter-globalization movement, and how its legacy shapes radical struggles today.


Movement & Mobilization

Voices from the Camp

A group of migrants in Germany are organizing against the inhumane living conditions imposed upon them. They demand good housing for all — regardless of residence status.


Work & Workers

Street Vendors United: Spain’s Manteros Union

This is the story of Spain’s first street vendor union and its creative solidarity in the face of racism, police harassment and COVID-19.


Society & Solidarity

Father Frost Against Putin

Every year, Russian activists gather in Helsinki, continuing a long tradition in which the city has served as a safe haven for Russian revolutionaries.


Culture & Critique

Sweden’s Radical Comics Community

This is the story of the radical and feminist wave of Swedish comic art and literature.


Environment & Ecology

The River Says “No”

In 2015, the PUCARL Collective in Veracruz, Mexico, booked a historic victory and successfully halted the construction of a dam that was threatening the entire region.


Environment & Ecology

Growers and Protectors

Before she built her first greenhouse and became an organic farmer, Mercedes never imagined that she would be the sole breadwinner of her family.


Environment & Ecology

A Stingless Collaboration

Don Andrés, a beekeeper and healer from Coatepec, Mexico has made it his life’s work to protect the endangered pollinators that keep the tropics alive.



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Race & Resistance

The Issue of Mr. O’Dell

“O’Dell shares his insightful outlook on past and present race relations in the United States, augmented beautifully with the stark and poignant imagery” – Danielle Piper, The Georgia Straight...

Autonomy & Authority


For nearly ten years the Unist’ot’en Camp has been a beacon of resistance. This short film provides a glimpse of what life has been like at the camp for...



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